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चाहिये सारे समाधान~ तो सम्पर्क करे शेयर समाधान से! Unclaimed Investments ka Samadhan'' Chahiye Saare Samadhan to Hai Share ...

Contrast between SEBI and IEPF rules pertaining to Demat of Old Transfer Deed cases pertaining Physical Shares

Big relief by SEBI in old transfer deed cases seems to be confronted by RTA by saying that the shares have been transferred to IEPF. As per Rule 6(3) (d) of IEPF Rules, 2016 read with Section 124(6) of the Companies Act, 2013, if dividend is unclaimed for 7 years, shares pertaining to those unclaimed dividend would be transferred to IEPF. As per Rule 6(3)(d) of IEPF Rules, 2016; for effecting the transfer of physical shares to IEPF, Company Secretary / Authorised person of Board of Directors shall make an application, on behalf of shareholders to the company for issue of duplicate share certificates. On receipt of application, company shall issue duplicate share certificate and those shares will be transferred to IEPF through SH-4 form. Shares will be dematted in favour of IEPF till the actual claimant approaches company. Further in case of claim of shares by investor, IEPF will transfer shares from it’s demat account to investor’s demat account. However on November 06th